Never believe the stories

Pulsating cracks of light were appearing in the barrier erected in desperation around M. Lis and M. Pearl. M. Lis is on the verge of exhaustion and a steady stream of blood pours from one ear. His eyes, open far too wide, engage in a staring contest he dare not lose – locked with the orbs of the beast. M. Pearl writhes on the ground, broken, one side of his body completely charred. He whimpers. Tears pour from the intact eye socket. One arm still clasps the sword, useless, having never come close to striking its target. His twisted, smoking shield lies next to his form, still glowing a faint red.

On the other side of the cavern, M. Nii and M. Rastolovo lie broken. M. Nii’s proud features face upward, eyes open, but unblinking. M. Rastolovo’s body sits awkwardly against a wall, his plate crushed by a swipe from a gargantuan claw.

M. Lis is on the ground now, and his barrier is cracking. Soon, he will fall.

For now, I am hidden.

For now, I am alive.

Never listen to those who claim a dragon can be slain.

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