Everything Will Blow Pt. 10

“Well, the fights are breaking out left and right between the protestors. The police have called in the riot squad.â€?

“Ohhh. Maybe we should ride this out in here.â€? Steven was looking very nervous. I couldn’t understand his attitude. He looked scared.


“I just don’t think it’s safe, especially for you and Ian. What if something happens?â€?

“Oh don’t be silly. You’d kick anyone’s ass for me and we have big burly Lee here to help. Let’s just get out of here.â€? He sighed and looked towards the door. We could hear glass breaking and more chanting and ranting.

“Fine. If anything happens though, it’s on your head.â€? He looked at Ian. “What do you think?â€?

“I have to go with Ash on this one Stevie. I want to get the hell out of here.â€?

“Look you guys, if we’re going to go out it has to be now.â€? Lee said impatiently.

I looked at my two best friends and gave them a quick hug. “Love you.â€? I whispered. Turning to face the door, we held on to each other’s hands and followed Lee out into the chaos.

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