Ohmygaud. He kissed me!! Sure, it was quick, but whatever. It was with him, and it happened. That’s all that matters.

I floated back to my house, still giddy with happiness. But through all my excitement, I didn’t realize that it was pitch black out and past 11PM.

Once I reached my house, I went in, shut the door, pressing my back against it, and slid down to the floor, still thinking about him.

“MEL!” my mom yelled, realizing I was home.

Aw crap.

I thought about running up to my room, but she would just follow me up and yell at me more. So I decided to stay put and take the blame.

“Do you realize what time it is young lady?!”

No, mother, not at all..

“Do you realize that it’s past your curfew?!”

Well I asked you to buy me that watch..

“Well, I guess you also realize your grounded. Two weeks.” she turned on her heel and walked away.

“WHAT!!” I yelled back at her. I might go somewhere with Hayden! Come on!

“You heard me.”

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