I Love Her (Sequel to I Love Him)

Could she see what I seeing? I miss her so much, I just want to make her feel like … good cause thats what she should feel like. I’ve missed her so much, I just cant let her go, I refuse to let go of her. I want her to feel me, I want to caress her skin, to breath her happiness, to inhale her love and exhale her pain, I want her to feel safe in my arms, to be able to cry and to be able to let those emotions leave her delicate body. I dont want to have sex with her, I dont want to make love to her, I want to be intwine with her body, soul and mind. I dont want her to leave me again, I want her to look in my eyes and see my sincererity, I want to hold her like this forever.
I cant wait, I wont do that mistake i did to her three years ago I want her to see my maturity, how I have become a man, how I can take care of her, I want her to look in my eyes. Look in my eyes. My green-hazel eyes and see what I’m talking about. But I still holding 3 words back, I Love her, I want to tell her but I cant. Why Cant I?

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