Go Home

I had dinner and went to bed – I was exhausted. This was just enough drama for one day, I certainly didn’t want to stay awake and have the possibility of anything else happening.

I was happily dreaming about Derick until I had rocks pelting my window. Eyes faintly open, sight barely processing, I look at my digital clock. The numbers bounced around a bit, but I got the time – 1:46 AM.

Not wanting to leave my warm, comfortable bed, I snuggle back into my covers and fall back asleep, but the rocks keep coming.

I jump up, causing a black shade to fall over my sight for a second or two, and stumble over to the window and look out – Chad. I open my window to an unwelcoming breeze.

“What. Could you possibly want. At,” I turn to see the time, “at one-fifty in the morning?!” I whisper-yell down to him.

“I! Need! To! Talk! To! You!”

Later Chad!” I turn around, but turn back to the window for a final say, “And if you don’t go home, I’m calling the cops!”

I slam my window and hop into bed.

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