walking the dragon

I threw the stick high into the air, aiming for the large open field, hoping Spot wouldn’t knock over any more trees. Spot happily took a few boundling leaps before the he caught the thermals and swept upwards into the sky. Some days, he had so much energy to burn that it seemed as if it took all of my energy to keep up with him.

Spot handily caught the small stick in his jaws, nearly swallowing it in spite of my repeated warnings. The last thing he needed was to spoil his appetite before dinner. He floated downwards towards me, deposited the slightly-charred stick at my feet and presented his head to me. I scratched behind his horns and he snorted contently.

Suddenly, he poked his head up high, sniffing at the air deeply and looking all around, searching for a scent only he could smell. He bounded off into the clearing towards a green female who suddenly ambled nearby. My attention, however, was not on the dragons, but on the other dragon’s owner.

She was the most beautiful woman I ever saw.

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