Hope for a Miracle

Lilly had no clue what to do. Her mom wasn’t going to be home for hours. In hours, she would be dead. No doubt. Oh why couldn’t she just have talked to the councelor? Was she really that weak? He punched her in the stomach. No she wasn’t that weak. If she can stand here and take this, she can tell someone.

“If I survive this”, she thought to herself, “then I will tell someone, anyone, as soon as I can.”

This conversation with herself had only taken a few seconds, after that she thought of something to say, something that could go two ways…

“Why did you need me?” Lily asked quietly.

“WHAT ARE YOU BLABBERING ABOUT NOW ?” he screamed at her.

“Why did you need me?” Lily asked a little louder, hoping this would go the good way. It’s not like he was always mean to her, they had their good days…

“If you ever listened to me, you would know why I did.” he said as he threw her on the ground.

All Lily could do was hope for a miracle.

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