After two hours, I realized Tim wasn’t too bad a guy. Maybe even my first new buddy in America. Other than his obssesity over the fact that he got the job of his dreams, he’s interesting. He’s been to Paris, he’s been to Berlin, he’s been everywhere. But he spoke German to, he minored in German in college, so once he told me, we talked in it the rest of the way.

When we finally arrived home, I think he purposely took the long route, I gave him my email so we could stay in touch.

I really hope he didn’t take that the wrong way.

“Your back!” Rachel exclaimed within the two seconds I was standing inside.

“Yeah, they were just being stupidheads.” I reassured her as she ran to me and gave me a hug.

“Wait, how’d you get back home then?”

“Some guy named Tim Manny, if you know him.”

“Tim. Manny. Gave you a ride home.”

“I’m guessing you know him?”

“Hunny, he’s my ex-husband.”

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