Charlie, who?

“You smell amazing,” the mysterious creature whispered dangerously across Charlie’s long, rugged neck. He felt human again, the fear holding him frozen, like Fire used to.
A brief flashback took hold of him, and as usual it was lit and flamed of Fire.
The water running from the tap was warm. He wasn’t paying attention to the lasagna coated plate in his hands, but Fire’s reflection in the window before him. He watched as she came up behind him. Her ballerina figure wrapped itself around his waist. And every part of him that was in contact with her, through all the winter clothing layers, felt white hot. Cold hot. So damn hot, he felt like he had ran naked through the snow outside..
A pain so great, so magnificent, drew him out of the recollection. Her nails were like knives in his back.
“I bet your blood tastes even more amazing,” she guessed.
And then, a bitter sweet caremel apple scent wafted through the forest, and Charlie was human again. He was human and wolf. And now, Charlie was a vampire, too.

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