Murder by Engagement

Candles were every where as I walked into the house, the shadows of the furniture and the flower vase’s filled with red roses dancing in the candle light. The house was filled with the smell of Jasmine my favorite. I heard music playing as I entered the living room. I look for Ray, yet he was not in plain sight.

I walked towards the kitchen and a path of more roses line the hall way. I called out to him but he did not answer. I was surprise but not thrilled that he did not come out of hiding yet.

I thought maybe he was showering so I climb the stairs to the bedroom, the door was closed and I could hear water running. I open the bed room door and to my surprise the bed and the room was draped in more flowers. “Ray where are you?” I walked towards the bathroom door and open it and fell to a dead silence, joy went to fear then more fear.

I saw a silhouette from the wall, it was slump over the tub, and I went to see who it was I closed my eyes as I approach the body, as I open them it was Ray he was not.

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