Everything Will Blow Pt. 11

I was stood behind Steven and Lee with Ian behind me as we made a mad dash through the entrance, trying to make it to the car. The protesters had swelled in size and they were everywhere. I felt hands under my arms, separating me from Ian and Steven. I vividly remember the look on Steve’s face as I was sucked into the crowd.

I squeezed my eyes shut as the images careened through my mind. They became blurred as I willed myself to try and fast-forward through this part, but it as if whomever was responsible for my daily torture wanted to make sure I relived each and every second.

I shouted at them to let me go and struggled against them but they were so strong. So angry. I could no longer see where I was. I looked around wildly for Ian, who was usually so easy to pick out in a crowd, but even he had seemed to disappear. I could see I was on the pavement, being carried along a tidal wave of cursing strangers. I felt my clothes tear as rough hands grabbed at me, pushing me along.

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