The Drain

She stepped into the locker room and wiped her brow with a towel as she glanced around. Alone. Just how she preferred. Her new gym was one of those 24-hour places and she chose to come work out in the wee hours when no one else in their right mind was awake.

Glancing around, she noticed only three shower stalls. She eyed them warily. They were so tiny. So… confining.

Her breath quickened as she debated her need for a shower versus her fear of small spaces. She’d struggled with claustrophobia all her life.

Finally she decided she’d just make it quick, just to rinse off the sweat. She despised being sweaty.

She approached the first stall and took a deep breath. She turned on the spray and adjusted the temperature. She stripped off, and with a silent prayer, she stepped into the stall. She was unaware of the quiet whimpering noises she was making as she ducked under the water.

She was also unaware of the claw reaching up from the drain. Her whimpers became screams as it ripped the toe from her foot.

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