Surprised? (The Beginnings) JD Series

John slammed her on the couch after a long day with her.
“Kiss me John!” said Shannon.
“Wait, lets get upstairs first.”
They ran for the steps when Randy and his girl busted in the door.
Awkward silence.
Then Marc came in the door with a girl.

Then all three couples look at the steps to find, Denise and Boug walking up the steps.

John, Marc & Randy looked at Boug with such confusion.
Denise walked Boug to the door. “Thanks for a great time today. I havent had so much fun in a long time.”
Then she kissed him on his lips.

John,Marc & Randy looked at Boug with jealousy.
” Thanks Denise.”
“Do you live far from here?”
“No, just a couple of blocks, but I’ll be fine. Goodnight Denise.”
He said as he left. Denise turned around and look at her friends with such disgust.
“I’m sorry, Denise.” said Shannon.
“Whatever Shannon, go do what you do best. Go down…” said Denise.
“stairs…” she said.
John laughed.
“Why are you laughing?” said Denise.
“Your nasty too.”

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