Tortilla and Flauta

Enchilada and Taco Bob had identical twin daughters: Tortilla and Flauta. Tortilla was kind, sweet and easy to get along with. Flauta was rough around the edges, always found a way to hide dirt under her nails, behind her knees or on her elbows. Her hair was always a mess of knots. Tortilla liked dresses, ribbons and playing with dolls. Flauta played with old engines, took apart broken appliances and like running through the woods turning over rocks and logs looking for bugs should could play with.

They loved each other, as good sisters do, but they didn’t run in the same circles. Their parents did their best to juggle two completely different kinds of activity schedules. They split time between Tortilla’s dance recitals and Flauta’s open mic appearances with her band, The Ribald Grasshoppers.

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