Unconventional Love

Would you love me? If I were to cling to you for support, beg for your forgiveness. Were I to confess my love to you, try to take you away. Would you let me? Can we run away together?

Despite this unconventional love. This unconventional bond. Would you hold my hand if I asked, would you hug me back? Would you care if I flaunted it, if I flaunted you? Proved my worth by showing you off.

Don’t think badly of me, for if they hurt you, I’ll hurt them back. You’re mine, and I yours. No one is allowed to bring tears to your eyes, I will make them pay. Even should it be myself. I will for always kiss you tears away.

If you left, I would carve you name into my skin. Cry my tears, bleed my blood and miss you for all of dark eternity. I would turn my music up too loud, and scream my pain with the guitars. I would bawl like a moon calf. I would crawl to you on my knees and beg for you to take me back.

Please don’t leave me. Please stay with me. Forever and a day. I’ll keep you safe. I’ll love you always.

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