Bi Polar

I wish I had something important to say, but my mouth is full of lies. Little white lies that grow and feed off pain. I don’t tell them to make people cry, but they do. It eats me up inside. I make up for it…don’t I? I make everyone I hurt, laugh. I take it away, but then bring it back. Maybe I’m just not a good friend. Should I just leave? That might be best. Or stitch my mouth shut, promise never to say anything ever again. If I open my mouth, lies will grow wings and fly into the world. But the world is corrupt enough as it is, people turn the world black. I do my part. Turn the light to grey. The people with important things to say rarely speak up, they are overshadowed by people like me. Who try to lighten the load, and succeed…to only add more problems the next time. Is it my fault? Or my friend’s? The school? The government? God’s? I would brush the blame off my shoulders and onto theirs, if I were less of a person. Instead, I’ll tell my little white lies, turn around and make you laugh.

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