Slave Girl Pt.1

A young girl sat against a post, black cat ears poking out of the straight strings that stopped at her chin. There was a collar around her neck, hooked to a leash, hooked to the post. Easily unlatched, it would leave one confused, until they looked at her face. The look of fear showed that she dare not, under a severe penalty. There were several scars on this girls face, arms, and legs, and she couldn’t have been over twelve. Her fearful emerald eyes stayed on the ground, one hand on her arm, covering a wound.

That black tail stayed perfectly still, unlike the other nekos that roamed free, not latched to stuff. Their tails swished restlessly, all the time, back and forth. It’d drive one mad. No, this kid’s frightened disposition affected her to such an extent that she didn’t move. I would have loved to have gone in and set her free, helped her get past the fence, but what would I do? I’d buy us both a one-way ticket to the grave, that’s what I’d do. Shivering, I pulled my jacket tighter around me.

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