A Single Rose

Ding Dong

I got up from the couch and walked to my appartment door. I opened the door and looked around. No one was there. Or anywhere in the hallway. I started to close the door, but something caught my eye. I looked down to see a pink rose sitting atop a note. I picked up the rose and looked at the note.

Dear Kel,
I’m already gone by the time you’ve gotten this note, but I wanted you to know that I love you and it has always been you. I’m sorry things couldn’t work out between us, and I’m so very sorry for hurting you. I love you.

I looked around again. Hoping that maybe the note was wrong and he wasn’t gone yet. But he was, I knew he was. And I didn’t know where he had gone. He never told me. I had no number to reach him and no address. He was truly gone.

I slumped onto the couch, a single tear slid down my cheek. I sat there in shock. Oh, how I would miss him. Could I ever move on?

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