A good lunch gone bad

I was sitting at Arby’s casually eating my warm, crunchy curly fries waiting for my best friend. Suddenly I felt a light brush against me. I swung around faster than the speed of light only to find there was no one there. I thought maybe it was only a breeze from the vent behind me, so I just continued eating my heavenly, delicious lunch. Seconds later, it felt like someone was tapping my left shoulder, but not gently as if to get my attention. It felt as if they were digging their finger into my shoulder bone every time they tapped. I screamed and, once again, swung around, but this time there was no other living soul in the room. In an instant, darkness descended around me. I heard screaming coming from the back room and I hurried to the front and peered behind the counter. Then I saw it. A huge horrid looking creature with black eyes and bloody teeth, and to my surprise he was gulping down my best friend! I screamed for her but all the noises went silent and I fell to the ground…

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