“Lily, sweetheart, you know I love you, I would never hurt you on purpose....” he tried coaxing her.

“I..uh..”, she thought of all the times he had hurt her.

Anna as quietly as possible, told Lily not to believe him, that he couldn’t control himself and that she didn’t do anything to deserve this.

“Lily? Have I told you recently that I love you?” he questioned.

Lily, finally had the courage to tell him what she had always wanted. All thanks to Anna.

“YES BUT I DON ’T BELIEVE A WORD YOU SAY . YOUR A COMPLETE JERK AND YOU NEED TO STOP BEING SO SELFISH . IN CASE YOU HAVEN ’T FIGURED IT OUT , I’M BREAKING UP WITH YOU . GOOD BYE .” Lily just exploded she couldn’t help herself. After exploding, she hung up angerly.

“Good job BFFL ”, said Anna smiling.

“Thanks, but I can tell, this isn’t anywhere close to being over. I have a bad feeling this is about to get way worse than it already was. It doesn’t help he knows how to get in my house…” said Lily on the verge of tears.

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