The Meeting

We all step into a circle and Leader stars to speak.
“Remember, tonight is the night. We all need to be ready. Especially you, Christopher.”
This took years of planning. It’s all going to end soon.
“John, do you have the papers?”
He holds up the papers and says, “Yes, ma’m.”
“Rich, do you have the outlines?”
This continues so on and so on, taking forever so it seems.
“Alright. I guess we have everything. But we know what we are going to to right?”
They bend down and whisper and I peek my head in. I’m the youngest here, and have only experienced 1 year of being in the group.
“Leader, do we know that the time is right?”
“Leader, are you sure this is correct?”
“Leader, are you sure that is the right person?”
Leader starts to speak again, except in a lower voice.
“I expect you all to be there. No matter what. This is not a game, this is life. Don’t forget this. Don’t move. And remember, her life ends tonight.”

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