Above The Crowds

I look above the crowds trying to find you. I’m afraid, yes, and I’m worried. A flash of light blinds everyone,but I stay focused on the crowds.
I rush toward to a boy that looks like you, but it’s not. I try again, but I don’t find you. The lights are becoming brighter now, and I become more and more scared.
I yell out your name. I scream for help. You don’t reply.
I don’t know what I’m doing or what I’m trying to do. I don’t know what I’m thinking or talking about because everything is such a blur. My eyes start to blur, too.
The crowds move faster, carrying me with them. I try to move the opposite way of the crowds,but fail.
I yell your name again and yet no reply.
“Help,” I whisper. “Help me.”
The sound of footsteps smother my words, but yet I speak again.This time louder.It sounded like a chant.
“Let me be free from the clutches of the crowds! Let me die with faith and dignity! Let me find the one I love! Let me become strong! Let me become faithful! Let me live happy and free! Help me find him!”

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