Soccer Practice

“So does anybody have any questions about how this class is run?” Asked Mrs. Kozel as the students waited impatiently for her to dismiss us at the final bell.

The first day of 8th grade had now come and gone and it was time to go to soccer practice.

I headed to the locker room to change. Tryouts for the school team had taken place about 2 weeks before the start of school. And then we began practices on the first day.

We did our basic warm-ups and then started a half field scrimmage.

After getting subbed out I stood on the sideline drinking from my water bottle. Behind me, by the bleachers, I noticed a boy juggling a soccer ball.

I kept staring at him, trying to figure out if it was him, if it was Pierre. And it was. Pierre, my Pierre… plays soccer?!!??!!

“What are you staring at?” Asked Maggie, a 7th grader on the soccer team, and one of my lil sis’s for soccer.

“Nothing” I turned away and blushed.

“What… oh who, Evan? She asked.

Evan, that’s a cute name.

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