In another dimension

“It’s a good job you called me” he said, “Derrick is almost the worst I’ve seen.”

“I’m just glad for anything you can do,” she replied, “I couldn’t find anyone else who would help, I called the company and had a recorded voice explain that my call was important to them, I think they liked it so much they didn’t want it to end, I gave up after 3 days on hold”.

The man grunted in a response that seemed to suggest this wasn’t a suprise to him and turned his gaze back into Derrick’s room. Derrick sat almost motionless at his computer, his matted black hair contrasting with his pale skin.

“So, when will we know if it’s worked?” She asked, turning to the laptop in the hallway and the slowly filling progress bar on the screen. “When he gets up and walks away. It depends on the person how long that takes. I’m hacking into the game and sending his character a package containing a virtual version of the game he’s playing, no one will watch someone just sat on a computer for long, he’ll get bored, they always do.”

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