Alone at Night

“Could you change the locks or something?” Anna asked.

“No…then my mom would find out, I know she would. And…I’m not ready to tell her…what happened today. Cause…I’m not sure what happened myself.”

“Lily.” Anna held her by the shoulders and looked her straight in the eye. “He raped you. And that’s not okay!”

That was all it took for her to disintegrate into tears again. “I’m going home, Anna. I just need to be alone for a while.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” She tried to hold onto her friend, but Lily pulled away.

The house was still quiet. Lily noticed a note on the table—Lily, had a late meeting. Won’t be back till after midnight. ♥Mom.

“No.” She whispered. She didn’t want to be all alone, not all night. Not tonight.

Under the covers seemed to be the safest place for Lily and her thoughts. She crawled into bed, firmly intent on staying there.

Bang! Bang! There was a loud rapping from the door. “Lily?” A voice called.

“No!” She screamed, covering her ears.

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