The Worst Morning Ever

I turn back to my bed. He was still yelling up at me, but I chose to ignore him. He screamed something about “sides” or something, but whatever. What sides could I possibly be taking?

After a few minutes he must of become tired, or maybe he just dropped dead.

Lord, why can’t he simply drop dead?

I woke up the next morning to the brightness of the sun through the shades that I forgot to put back down when I shut the windows earlier. Oh well.

I was about to turn my cell phone on, but decided against it in fear that Chad would start texting me once it was on. He always seemed to know when it was.

Instead, I went downstairs, said “Hi” to the parental units, and logged on to the computer, and AIM .

Right away, I was being IMed.

ShawtyLikeMyne: did you hear????

Did I hear what?

BringItBackNow: anna, wht r u talking about?

ShawtyLikeMyne: it’s Chad.

BringItBackNow: o gaud, wht’d he do now?

ShawtyLikeMyne: he tryed to take his life last nite.

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