Hannah vs. Lilly

I don’t know about the rest of the girls, but I could sense some bawling coming, and fast.

And right on que, Hannah started to tear up and she fanned her face with her hands. Lips pursed, she said, “Tell him to go away, hurry up before I give in!”

Nobody moved.

“C’mon guys, please?”

“Hey Jared!” Lily yelled down to him. “She wants to tell you something! Get up here, but come in through the back door!!”

Hannah’s tears seemed glimmered with the fire in her eyes. “Lilly!”

I knew where this was going.

“Hannah, Hannah, calm down, back up..”

“NO! Did you see what he just did?! Now he’s coming up and I’m gonna kill her!” she yelled, lunging for Lilly.

I stood between the girls, facing Hannah and trying to push her back. I knew I wouldn’t last long, seeing as Hannah plays field hockey.

“Let.. me.. at her!” she yelled, hands punching and legs kicking every which way.

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