Kayla Minus One

“Can you locate them,” I asked. “I’ll get the rest of the crew ready and we’ll make this a big extravaganza. A premier for the Discovery 2 Channel.”

A gentle shudder echoed through the ship’s hull. Not enough to notice if you were unfamiliar with the ship’s operation but for me, a signal, a definite warning.

Kayla shuddered too, wavering in and out of visibility in perfect synchronization to the vibrations.

“They know about us. Refusing to let us leave.”

“That’s good,” I said, pausing as Kayla’s face went even paler. “Isn’t it?”

“Kaine.” Kayla’s voice cracked, creaking like a rusty door. “You don’t understand, at all,” she added. “We’ve been caught…in their…net. Like. Fish.”

Kayla vanished. No fireworks, super bright lights, swirling vortex. She was just gone.

With her went the only chance we had of getting back home. Not to mention, if I understood her correctly, the entire ship was being reeled in to meet a maybe not so friendly alien race.

Jeeps. What the Hell could I do now?

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