A Hammer, a Vase, a Blender, a Clock, and Some Assorted Photographs! {I'm Not That Girl's ficlet challenge}

“Put it down!”
“No, Lena! I can’t let you do this!”
“Put it down, now, or I’ll destroy you with it!”
“You wouldn’t dare!”
A wicked smirk lit up my twitching face as I swung at him with my mighty hammer, unintentionally missing! He just got lucky!
“You’re a… a monster!”
“Put down the vase, you fool!”
“No! Calm down!”
“You’re asking for it, Jamie! I’ll swing at you again, and, this time, I won’t miss!”
“Don’t you remember what this vase means? Don’t you remember what these pictures mean? Do you remember what any of this means?”
“I don’t care! Put it down!”
“Why? So you can smash it just like the blender and the clock?”
“Yes! I have to smash them! They have to die! I have to kill them before they kill me!”

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