Dear Diary

Love struck eye’s wide she looked directly into his.
Blue, deep blue like the sky before a storm and his lashes long and thick.
He dusted her off and leaned down to pick up her books, she couldn’t help but lean over and sniff his hair.
She stood up quick before he caught her.
“Thanks” she said reaching for her books, he pulled them away ” come on I’ll walk you the rest of the way”.
“K” she smiled.
“Sorry my sisters such a jerk”.
“It’s ok I have you to protect me” she skipped a step.
He gave her a sideways smile.
Molly didn’t realize the person he was really protecting was his sister.
Her heart was beating harder with each word he spoke.
The butterflies swirled faster and faster in her stomach.
“Well this is where I stay”.
He handed her the books ” later” he said and took off.
She stood there closed her eyes imagined him kissing her.
“Watch it” the boys ran passed pushing her aside.
Later that night she wrote
“Dear diary Charles my hero, walked me home to today he’s so”

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