Getting Sick?

“It’s ok Lily, I can keep everything confidential, he won’t even know you were here…”, the guidence councler pointed out.

Lily had no clue what to say. If she told the truth, he would just come hurt her again, but if she lied nothing would ever get fixed. Lily knew what she had to do.

“I know Mr. G, but I think my friend is mistaken. Nothing had ever happened between me or any guy.” sighed Lily.

“So you wouldn’t mind me, say, taking a look at your arms?” questioned Mr. G.

“Oh no not at all! It’s just I don’t feel very well all of a sudden… I …. I… UH-O watch out!” exclaimed Lily running out the door.

As soon as Lily made it to the girls bathroom, she burst out in tears. She thought about many things in the whole hour she spent there.

She asked herself why she didn’t just tell Mr. G, or why she didn’t tell her mom when she had the chance, or why she had let this get so bad.

The last thing she thought about before leaving was eveything he had done to her.

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