He is so cruel.

When she thought about it, it was a maricle she was alive. He had done everything from cutting her arms, to almost making her break her own arm, all the way to well… rape.

They had been “together” for 7 months now, 7 months that had truthfully only been a real relationship for a week. Thats when the first bruise came.

September 7 : First day of school. There was a new kid. He was amazingly handsome, smart, nice, and helpful. Almost every girl in school had fell for him in a matter 2 seconds. Naturally, he had his pick of girls.

He had choose her. He choose Lily. Every single girl was jealous, strangly enough Anna seemed the most hurt by thier relationship. Anyway, that first week was amazing. He made Lily feel like the queen of the world.

September 14, he came over after school. They were alone. She asked him if he wanted something to drink. He said yes, then as she set his drink on the table it slipped out of her hand.

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