Sit Around the Table

Outside the bathroom were a few people. There was Mr. G, Anna, Lily’s mom, and him.

This was going to be intersting.

“I’m really sorry, that must have been the 1 hour flu.” Lily proclaimed pretending that was the truth.

“Intersting. Lets go to the counceling office.” stated Mr. G.

In the councleing office, everyone sat around a round table. After everyone was seated, they all looked at Lily.

He was giving her an evil glare, the one he always gave her before she was about to get hurt. Anna was giving her a look that said, “I’m sorry, but it had to be done”. Her mom was giving her a confused and hurt look, and finally, Mr. G was giving her the classic “thats why we’re here look.”

“Lily, I think we should all go around the table and state why we think we are here. I also think you should start.” Mr. G said.

“Um ok? I have no clue why we’re here, I think you have all been told something that is not true…” stammered Lily.

“Your lying.” Anna quietly said in the backround.

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