The Normal & The Different

I sit here waiting for something to happen. So far, nothing has. Well nothing that matters to me anyway. Nothing that affects me in such a way that I should take dramatic action. Most of the time, I think about it and move on. Sure, I want to tell people off or punch someone in the nose or crawl into a dark corner, never to be seen again or run away forever, but I just think about it not actually do it.
I’m pretty much a normal person, doesn’t mean you have to treat me differently. Sure there might be slaves or workers in one part of the world,well take me and I’ll work too. Sure there are people who get treated like royalty and sometimes I might want to be appreaciated every once and awhile too. There are people hungry, well stop feeding me and I’ll be there with them.Don’t treat me like a dog and don’t treat me like I’m the Queen of the world.I want to be normal.I want to know that people aren’t being treated differently just because of certain things.
We’re human,so treat each other like everyone is one.

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