A Solid Crush

Wow. That felt like a long day. I was pretty happy to be home. I think this year could end up being pretty good. I finished adding some more to the burn notebook, and got it ready to give to Val the next day.

I decorated my corner with pictures that I thought helped describe me. We each got a corner. We thought it was a pretty cool idea. And that in the end when all 4 corners were full, that it would look pretty awesome.

I packed everything up for the next day, and even laid my clothes out for tomorrow. (It’s funny how at the begging of the year you do things like that, and then a couple weeks into it you get bored, and end up shoving everything in your back pack minutes before you have to leave.)

And then I went to bed. I thought about Evan. It really was a cute name. And for the first time I had chosen to like somebody cute, somebody adorable. Before I had always thought that cute boys couldn’t be nice boys, couldn’t be real, solid crushes,
but Evan had proven me wrong

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