50 Ficlets= Phosphate11's Challenge!!!!!

Okay, I finally did it. For a while I thought I would never get here. But I’ve done it. I have officially, “become of age” and now I get to make a challenge!!
Yay!! Okay so here it is…

It’s pretty simple really, just write a ficlet in a screen play format.

You know like a script. With the characters, and the fade ins and outs, and all the parts that describe the scenes, you know all that good stuff that a screen play involves.

I will have a winner for it.
It will be decided on January 3rd, a month from today.

Please sequel to this ficlet and this one only so it will be easier to find. Correct punction, spelling, and grammar will be considered.

The comments and ratings of other people will be the main influence in choosing the winner.

I will post the winner on the comment section on this ficlet, hopefully on January 3rd exactly. I will also write the winner a note, informing them that they won.

Have fun!!!!


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