The Supernal Road

“The girl stays,” Lilith protested. “She will remain unharmed. That’s the deal.”

“Bu… But…” Simon stuttered. “Fine.”

Simon side-stepped onto the Supernal Road, the celestial highway of creation. He willed the location of Lucifer to show itself; but the steady stream of lights neither fluttered nor blinked, no information was garnered.

“Huh?” sighed Simon. “The bitch was right, He was placed outside of creation. Probably one of the small planar alcoves.”

Simon dug into his pockets, unable to find anything of worth for this scenario. He gazed down, his eyes landing on the folds of his jeans cuffs. Simon kneeled, rounding his finger thru the cloth chasm, producing forth a small twig that had been trapped therein. “Perfect,” he smiled.

Placing the twig on a single finger, Simon willed it to divine Lucifer’s location; the dead wood sputtered and twitched, falling lifeless from Simon’s hand.

“Well,” said Simon, “that’s not good. Never seen that before.” A reason dawned on him, but it wasn’t good… for anyone.

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