Plan B

“So,” Simon guessed, “Lucifer’s either in pre- or post-creation.” By what Simon knew, mostly gleaned from Blake, only the Creator Himself could access either.

“Plan frakkin B,” Simon muttered, pulling off his left sneaker. Reaching into the open shoe, he stumbled his fingers around inside until he found his prize: the small pebble that had been taunting him for more than an hour.

“Will have to do,” Simon said, gazing at the small rock. He placed it delicately in front of him and let go, watching it merely float there.

He inhaled slightly, then exhaled pure magic. The pebble, in response, spun — faster and faster — a funnel of particles, attracted by the motion, circling it. Simon rubbed his hands together and then compacted the swirling stone between them.

His hands shivered and shook from the motion within, until… he felt it, the explosion. Simon drew back his hands and looked upon the perfect, little planet before him.

“So,” he asked no one, “how long will it take mini-Earth to get mini-Lucifer?”

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