That's What They Say In Movies

BringItBackNow: wht?!?!!?!?!

ShawtyLikeMyne: yeah, i can’t believe i heard tht befor u did, i mean, aren’t u guys like BFFLs?

I thought for a minute.

BringItBackNow: we were in a fight.

ShawtyLikeMyne: ohmygaush. i’m soo sorry :-(

BringItBackNow: waitwaitwait.. is he okay?

ShawtyLikeMyne: he’s in IT

BringItBackNow: no kidding he’s in the hospital, but is he okay’?!

ShawtyLikeMyne: no stupid, IT = intensive care

BringItBackNow: omg wht’d he do to himself? pills? gun?

ShawtyLikeMyne: gun

It wasn’t until that last IM that the tears that had formed went rushing down my cheek.

BringItBackNow: i gg2 bey

I couldn’t even type anymore.

Grabbing my coat, I rushed out the door. “Where are you going?” my mom asked.

“Chad’s in Intensive Care – drive me to the hospital, I wanna see him Mom, I need to see hi-”

“Hunny, hunny, let’s just go. It’s going to be okay.”

It’s going to be okay. That’s what they say in movies before the patient dies.

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