Creepy Crawlies

I started itching,and once I started,I couldn’t stop.My nails curled skin,red and irritated.Leaving swatches of glistening muscle,lined with dark veins.I used Band-Aids to cover my decrepit skin.No one noticed the horrid smell,akin to rotting flesh,that seemed to rise from my bones.
The next week,I noticed the red patches.At first I thought it was from my scratching,which brought blood pouring from its channels.My nails were constently stained a rust colour.Skin grew back at a slow rate,being wretched away before it could truly grow.
Next came the bumps.Once again,I thought it was because of the stratching.The smell got worse,like meat greening in the summer sun.I put on itch cream,and some more Band-Aids and thought nothing more of it.
A few days later,I was in the shower.I ran my fingers through my hair,and touched a bump.It popped and white goo came out.Then came the bugs.Maggots pouring out of the bumps covering my body and down into the belly of the shower.I collapsed with a scream caught in my throat

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