Downtime for the Dragon

Let’s see, this is the Year of the Pig, right? That gives me five years before I’m on again. All the celebrations aside, thousands of Chinese New Year events and the accompanying responsibility of shaping of millions upon millions of personalities and their futures take a lot out of a dragon.

Sure, we’re majestic… and magical. But, not just any animal can do what we do. Especially, if you’re an introvert. What do I do with myself in the “down years?” I recuperate. Rejuvenate. Recharge.

Luckily, I married a monkey. There are some who say that Monkeys make horrible spouses. Not so in my case. Where I’m quiet and reserved, my little monkey is a real chatterer and into everything. Of course, the year of the Monkey was just three years ago, so my luv was a bit distracted. That’s okay. As I said. I’m an introvert. Just leave me alone in my cave by the sea. I love the ocean mist.

Oh, my name? Puff.

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