Simon the Not-So-Intelligent Designer

The tiny planet spun and spun in front of Simon for quite a few minutes before he realized something.

“Frak,” he muttered, “It needs some gorram light…How does this go again? Let there be light?”

A small aura of light appeared around the mini-Earth. Looks like this’ll be easier than I thought… thought Simon to himself, now that his words could create things, he supposed he should be more careful with them.

What’s next, what’s next…It doesn’t have any vegetation so let’s try that…Let the land produce uh…plants?

Little green sprouts sprang up all over the mini-earth.

Alright, now for the good stuff…Let there be animals, and humans.” All sorts of tiny little animals sprang up on the miniature planet. But there were two problems, one, the humans seemed to have tails just like the animals, and two, they were being hunted down and promptly killed by velociraptors.

Well, that certainly doesn’t look good… thought Simon.

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