People Never Change

“We agreed we would never talk about this again. I told you I was moving and I wanted to leave my temper behind. You promised.” he roared.

“That was before you almost killed my best friend. It looks like your temper didn’t want to leave.” Anna screamed back.

“Wait a minute, are you saying that you two were together this summer? That he abused you too Anna? That you didn’t even mention it to me? That you knew what he was capable of and didn’t tell me? YOU WANT ME DEAD .” Lily chocked out crying.

“Lily, no, I’m so sorry, I thought he would have changed, he seemed like he had. Aparentally not. That is why I wanted you to tell someone. I knew what he could do to you.” Anna said trying anything to get Lily to understand.

“I wasn’t even safe in my own home, my own room, my own bed. You don’t even know what that feels like. You came home and it was all over. It wasn’t like that for me” Lily screamed at Anna.

“I’m just happy you guys aren’t dead” he stated.

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