The Jukebox Hero & His Guitar

Ero awoke to the sound of a wailing guitar. He looked around, but all he could see was white.

“Where am I?” he asked the nothingness.

Immediately, the man who was apparently playing the guitar appeared before him. “It’s really not important where you are.” spoke the man, completely ignoring Ero and continuing to play the guitar.

“Well, then what is important? And why are you playing that gorram guitar?”

“What’s important…” the man stopped playing, but still wouldn’t look at Ero. “Is that this guitar, is yours, and you have been chosen to replace me.”

“Replace you? As what?”

The man opened his eyes and looked at Ero as he handed him the guitar. His eyes had a blue star emblazoned where the iris and pupil should be. “As the Jukebox Hero.”

Ero took the guitar, and the man pulled out a mirror and showed it to him. “Look in your eyes, and see your new destiny.”

Ero looked at the mirror, and there was a bright flash as he saw the stars in his own eyes, and he felt himself fall…

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