Luc the Happy Lightbringer

Okay then, we’ll start with the big problem, dinosaurs…How does this work… Simon looked at his hands, then pointed at the Earth violently and yelled “ I SMITE THEE , DINOSAURS!

Immediately a mushroom cloud appeared from a new crater in the Earth, and dust surrounded his tiny planet. Err…I think I’d best not try that again.

As Simon looked all around his planet for a gap in the smoke, he noticed that the smoke had a bit of a current to it. He tilted the planet a bit, 23.5 degrees to be exact, and discovered the source of the current, a small winged thing he didn’t remember speaking of. He leaned in to the small winged figure and asked it. “Who, or what, are you?

“Hey big guy!” said the little winged man, waving up to Simon. “My name is Lucifer, but you can call me Luc, of course. I’m just helping you out down here, that’s okay, right?”

I guess…So that’s what you do?

“I’m just here to help you out, man, helping with that light thing I know you were thinking of doing again,” Luc smiled.

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