Taking advantage

Characters; Amy and John(narrator)

“Stop!”.She said, screaming. I was startled.
“Drop and Roll”.She starts laughing and practicly falling on the ground. I try to help her, but she’s way past the point of getting up. So i pick her up.She places her arms around my neck and i carry her like an infant to my car. Oh boy, is she heavy?!

“Woohoo!” She screams into my hear.
I guess the only explanation for this is that she drank more than that glass i gave her, behind my back.Don’t get me wrong i’m not her brother or her boyfriend. I’ve never met the girl before tonight.

“Did i ever tell you that your arms are Haa-ugge!”.She says feeling my arm muscles a few times.
She seems pretty vulnerable right now, i wonder if i should go for it. Maybe i shouldn’t take advantage of a drunk girl, but i did tell her not to drink more than that glass. It was her choice and besides i’ll never see her after tonight.

The Next Morning
“Whoa, what happened? I feel like i’ve been sleeping for 20 hours.Where am i?”

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