Descent into Hell

Markham descended into the depths of Hell, and the archangel followed. Past burning souls and pits of the damned, they surged through the underworld. Markham cleared the way and the archangel traveled in his wake.

The man who had once been a joke to his peers fought through the demon hordes with a strength of body and will he had never known in his previous life. Before his transformation he had played at being a warrior, but his resolve was weak. It took little time for the flesh to become weak as well. Now he fought as though he were possessed by the demons that lay dead behind him.

“You are doing well, but the Lords of Hell mock you still,â€? the archangel whispered into his ear. “They say you are weak, that your newfound power is nothing compared to the forces they have commanded for eons.â€?

“They will see true power when I use it to crush them,â€? Markham growled back.

The archangel knew that the man was no match for evil almost as old as time itself. But he would use Markham to get closer to his goals.

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