Kissing the Beast

She squeezed him tightly, and could feel the double hearts of the beast beating inside him. She opened her eyes and looked into his swirling red eyes. Instantly she was mesmerized by them.

“Your eyes, love…They’re beautiful.”

He growled, a heavy purring sound, “One of few things, dear…”

Her mind drifted away, letting herself melt into his arms. Yes, he was a beast, but he was still her boyfriend, as he always had been. And she was safe with him, he would keep her safe from it all.

He kissed her carefully, taking care to miss her lips with his large, sharp teeth. He slipped his long tongue between her lips, and she returned the gesture as much as she could, massaging his tongue with hers.

She was entranced as a small ovoid object slipped from the tip of his tongue and down her throat.

She collapsed gently against him, and he carried her carefully to the bedroom and laid her down, tucking her in.

It was done.

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