The night father.

In the night a boy was born. Thirteen years passed, and the boy screamed as his mothers heart was torn from her, he knew he would live on in solitude. The night giveth and the night taketh away. The boy was not alone, a mentor in his mind, and a sword to his side. Blood flows from his eyes, the rage builds within. He searches for the man who wears a necklace of hearts. Corruption in his mind as he feeds on the rage. His mentor teaches only to kill, only to fight, not to live. Two years pass and the boy now lives on hatred, the blade as much a part of him as his drive to kill. He will meet the man who did this to him, and he will kill him. The boy screams in the night, the mentor is his insanity fed by the black flames of night and hate. It is the man with a necklace of hearts who finds the boy in the night. The boy does not sleep. He lifts his blade. The man laughs, the sound causing rips in the brittle fabric of his sanity. The boy charges. The man, his father, the mentor of his mind.

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