Life Is But a Dream

“I take it you enjoyed that?” he smiled broadly, looking over at his girl.

“As always, master.” She stroked her boyfriend’s chest, looking up at him admiringly.

“Good girl.” His blue eyes stared down into her dark brown ones, and he felt like he was falling into her. He wondered idly, Has she already been infected? Then he laughed to himself.

“What’s so funny, Steven?” She turned her head to the side, curiously.

“Just you, Barb, you silly little girl.” He smiled more and kissed her forehead.

“That’s fine, I love it when you laugh.” She hugged him tightly. “I had the weirdest dream last night.”

“Oh, what’d you dream?”

“I dreamed you were turned into a Tyranid, but I knew it was you, so I gave you a hug, then I woke up. Isn’t that weird?”

“Yeah, how’d you know I was a Tyranid?”

“I just kinda.. knew, you know how dreams are?”

Sahr’klal tensed as he heard exceedingly heavy footsteps marching down the street, and flinched as their front door was kicked in by a heavily armored boot.

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